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The deer is in the details.

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Spring is in the air, sunshine everywhere.

I see the light, it’s getting bright. We’ll make it through, I swear. It’s been such a rough year. 2020 was — I’ll say it one last time, unprecedented. But I feel like we’re coming around the bend. I daresay that with infection rates declining and vaccines becoming more widespread and available, things are looking up. As restrictions are easing […]

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4 Quirky Chocolates for the Fun-Loving Vegan Valentine

2021 Gift Ideas for Vegan and Organic Chocolate Lovers — Part 2 #1. Dark Chocolate Bear Hug Most of us never grow out of our gummy bear craze–and why should we? In all of their different color, shape and flavor magnificence, gummy bears bring us back to simpler times. The “Bear Hug” is made from two […]

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8 Classic Chocolates for the Vegan Valentine Traditionalist

2021 Gift Ideas for Vegan and Organic Chocolate Lovers — Part 1 #1. Classic Heart Valentine Assortment Iconic heart-shaped box of chocolates featuring delightful limited-edition flavors: Lemon Champagne: White chocolate, champagne and a hint of lemon celebrated in a dark chocolate shell. Passionfruit: Tart flavors of passion fruit married in decadent coconut milk chocolate. Banana Cream: Banana and coconut […]

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Meeting. Falling in love. And figuring out the rest.

Love stories come in all sorts of shapes and sizes — with sunny, funny, messy and magical moments. Since our Valentine’s products have just landed in our warehouse, I’d like to talk about love. There are so many great love stories out there… from Love Actually (IMHO, also the greatest Christmas movie) to Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version, hands down) […]

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The First Annual Sjaakolate Competition

This past summer, we were fortunate to be able to bring our teams together — from accounting to sales, from shipping and fulfillment to chocolate-makers — to get to know one another and make chocolate.

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The deer is in the details.

For some fun in our seasonal packaging, we think that it would be fun to add a surprise element to all of our seasonal Sjaakolates. My husband and I love to play board games (hence snowmeeples, rather than snowmen). We also like the idea of incorporating fun surprises in our packaging design so that our Sjaakoholics […]

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