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Why the Four Horsemeeples of the Apocalypse

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Pet parents share their pet children's costumes

Some of our favorite Halloween costumes from the Sjaak’s team Here at Sjaak’s, we pride ourselves on making a quality product that is made from responsibly sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging that helps to reduce our carbon footprint not only for ourselves, but for the environment at large. For many of us, we are encouraged […]

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How to make a vegan and organic chocolate espresso martini

Are you also someone who would appreciate a drink in hand while handing out candy this year? Whether you’re cautiously easing into, fully leaning into or skipping trick-or-treating this year–making a drink at home is something we all can do to celebrate spooky season. This Halloween, the Sjaak’s team linked up with Humboldt Distillery to […]

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Why the Four Horsemeeples of the Apocalypse

I went to Catholic school and one of the most interesting classes I took was Religious Themes in Film and Literature… Mr. Hook was legendary. He taught drama and produced the school plays and of course, this class was one of the most popular high school electives because this was also where we learned about […]

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Celebrate the first day of fall with a cozy cup of cocoa

A quick and delicious way to drink your organic chocolate bar As the [sweater] weather begins to roll in and the evenings get darker and darker, a cozy drink is sometimes all you need to warm up and relax after a long day. In honor of autumn, here’s how to turn your organic chocolate bar […]

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Full moon rituals to invite mindfulness

A few ways you can reflect, receive, release, and recharge on this Harvest Moon. Here in the northern hemisphere, we dub the full moon arriving closest to the fall equinox, the “Harvest Moon”. This year, it will officially turn full on September 20, 2021 at 7:55 pm EDT (4:55 pm PST)—two days before autumn. So […]

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Spring is in the air, sunshine everywhere.

I see the light, it’s getting bright. We’ll make it through, I swear. It’s been such a rough year. 2020 was — I’ll say it one last time, unprecedented. But I feel like we’re coming around the bend. I daresay that with infection rates declining and vaccines becoming more widespread and available, things are looking up. As restrictions are easing […]

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