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Mint Mills

Decadent dark chocolate filled with our signature truffle filling, infused with peppermint oil. Available in 3 sizes: four oz pouch, one lb wooden crate, or three lb carton.


4oz Pouch
1lb Crate
3lb Carton


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Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 2 pieces (28g)

Amount Per Serving:


Total Fat

Saturated Fat

Trans Fat



Total Carbohydrate

Dietary Fiber

Total Sugars

Added Sugars


Vitamin D





11g (14% DV)

6g (30% DV)




15g (5% DV)

1g (4% DV)


12g (24% DV)


0% DV


(8% DV)

0% DV


Organic 60% Dark Chocolate (Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Bean+, Organic Cocoa Butter+, Organic Ground Vanilla Beans, Organic Sunflower Lecithin), Organic Cashew Butter (Organic Cashews, Organic Almonds, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil), Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Peppermint Oil. +Rainforest Alliance Certified. Find out more at

Allergy Info

Contains: almond, cashew, coconut.


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  1. Anonymous


    These are so good! I ordered a bunch online for Christmas and our local vegan grocery store also carries them. Definitely one of my favorites!

  2. Christine McVarish

    Delicious Mint Chocolate!!!

    Sjaaks Mint Mills Chocolate Mint Candy is the most delicious candy I have ever eaten, hands down, in over 50 years!!! The candy is absolutely mouth watering perfection! I am so thrilled that Sjaaks creates wonderful VEGAN candy that is cruelty free, and free of any animal products. I am vegan and I only support companies that show compassion and respect to animals, and Sjaaks meets that definition. Over Christmas time I purchased over 50 pieces to share with both my vegan and non vegan friends and family. It was unanimous, everyone absolutely loved this mint chocolate candy and asked me where they can purchase some. Thank you Sjaaks for making such incredible chocolate candy!!!

  3. Becca

    These were amazing.

    really melt in your mouth mintiness…way better than dairy but just as creamy

  4. Anonymous

    OMGawd!! LOVE!!

    I can’t believe I walked out of the store buying only one of these. lol. I was pleasantly surprised there was a chocolate ganash filling as well as the choco mint outside. These are absolutely delicious!!

  5. Anonymous


    Totally delicious. You’d never know that it’s dairy free…finally a great chocolate that mint and dairy free.

  6. CAGirl

    Love these Mint Chocolates!

    These are the best mint chocolates and no other ones can compare to these mint chocolate gems. Everyone I’ve shared them with have raved on taste and quality. They have the finest and healthiest ingredients, and I have bought them for gifts. I am also pleased with the great customer service and on time deliveries from Sjaacks. Highly Recommend!

  7. Ed N.

    Gift for a friend - loved them

    I purchased these as a Christmas gift for a dear friend. She hadn’t had mint chocolates in years and forgot how much she enjoyed them until she had these. She said they were delicious!

  8. Jye

    What is your truth

    Had ta rate only should be not

    Your listing states:

    Your listing states:
    Organic 60% Dark Chocolate (organic cane sugar, organic cocoa bean, organic cocoa butter, organic ground vanilla beans), organic cashew butter (organic cashews, organic almonds, organic coconut oil, organic sunflower oil), organic coconut oil, organic peppermint oil.

    Allergy Info
    Contains: almond, cashew, coconut. Sjaak’s Organic Chocolate is a vegan facility. Equipment shared with peanuts or tree nuts. Ingredient suppliers may share equipment that result in trace amounts of dairy protein.
    This is not true vegan food when done on machines that corpses or secretions of animals bodies is produced!!!

    How can you ethically call this a vegan product on only the premisses of no seen or known animals debris, that you did or put in. When if your concerned about those you supply to and their needs for a clean product, isn’t it the truth that you need to know all of what’s in the product. Before calling it vegan. Do you care if you cause somebody physical harm vegan or not?

    • Shipping Petaluma

      Vegan Ingredients

      Hi Jye,
      Our entire facility is 100% vegan. We do not allow any animal products to come through our door. However, with the nature of supply chains and distributors we can’t guarantee that any of the ingredients that we buy have not been exposed to animal products before we get them. We have been unable to find suppliers that will certify that the products they provide are 100% vegan. That is why we have the disclaimer. I can tell you that we only source from high quality organic suppliers and do our best to make sure that the products we get are as pure as possible.

  9. Nancy

    So rich!

    Deep dark minty chocolate yum! These bites pack a chocolate punch! It’s like biting into a truffle. And dairy free!

  10. Michael

    Mint all day

    Love these guys. An After 8 meets a Peppermint Pattie. Creamy mint interior (less vaguely “gluey” than a York, and much less sweet) and just enough chocolate for contrast. Great!

  11. Philip Milgrom


    These are the best chocolate mints. Rich chocolate with just the right amount of mint. I just wish they didn’t have to be made with cashew/almond butter. They would be much easier to digest when I eat a ton of them!

  12. ruth

    Mint chocolate mills~YUM

    One of the best mint chocolates around!! not full of calories and the center is smooth and tasty as is the outside chocolate and
    is Vegan!! Thank you Sjaaks!

  13. Megan


    These are hands down, the BEST chocolates I have ever had. They are a favorite in my house and even house guests get hooked sneaking handfuls before they leave. Being allergic to a lot of other candies and needing organic, ethical and vegan options, it’s been amazing to be so indulgent. Grabbing a mint mills reminds me of the after dinner mint chocolates I would get as a kid but much better quality and much more yummy! Even our kids prefer Sjaaks to anything else. So, so, good.

  14. Diane Ruday

    Best chocolate ever and vegan

    The Mint Mills chocolates are awesome! I received my first chocolate as a gift. I never tasted any chocolate this good before and it is Vegan! Wow! I ordered more online as a gift for myself and my husband’s birthday.

  15. Laurie


    Love these so much! The truffle filling is super creamy with the perfect amount of mint flavour. Hands down the best mint chocolate. I purchased the 1 lb crate. I’m trying not to eat them all myself 🙂

  16. Jerry Hudgins

    One of my favorites

    Along with Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Bites, these are my favorite Sjaak’s treats. So good that I buy them in three-pound quantities.

  17. Donna Comar

    The absolute best Sjaak's chocolate!

    These are our favorites. They are not always available. We prefer this particular flavor over the more unusual chocolate assortments. This year I bought my own heart-shaped boxes and made everyone a Valentine gift that they all liked; a big heart filled with Mint Mills. If only the website were more user-friendly, I would order more often.