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Mint with Candy Cane Crunch Melk® Chocolate Snowmeeple

A “meeple” is a small figure, usually in a stylized human form, used as a playing piece in many board games; our meeples can be eaten. Handmade organic melk® chocolate coating over organic mint and candy cane filling is sure to have your taste buds singing a festive tune.


4oz Pouch
1lb Bag
3lb Carton


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Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 1 piece (15g)

Amount Per Serving:


Total Fat

Saturated Fat

Trans Fat



Total Carbohydrate

Dietary Fiber

Total Sugars

Added Sugars


Vitamin D





7g (9% DV)

4g (20% DV)


0mg (0% DV)

0mg (0% DV)

7g (3% DV)

<1g (2% DV)


3g (6% DV)


0mcg (0% DV)

0mg (0% DV)

0.3mg (2% DV)

10mg (0% DV)


Melk Chocolate* (Cocoa Butter*+, Rice Milk Powder*, Cane Sugar*, Cocoa Liquor*+, Almonds*, Vanilla Bean Powder*), Cashew Butter* (Cashews*, Almonds*, Coconut Oil*, Sunflower Oil*), Coconut Oil*, Peppermint Candy*, Peppermint Oil*. * = Organic, +Rainforest Alliance Certified. Find out more at

Allergy Info

Contains: Almond, Cashew, Coconut


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  1. Laura

    Get them while you still can!

    Oh my goodness…. these are amazing. We’re picky vegan chocolate lovers in my home but we ordered a few of these from a vegan grocery site and then they were sold out so came here to get a full pound of them!! Perfect minty milk chocolate crunch. Reminds us of those Andes mints but even way better. And my daughter loves the snowman shape so much.

  2. Rebecca Kornaski

    TO DIE FOR 🤤

    These are the best candies I’ve ever had in my entire life and I literally cannot stop eating them, they are amazing 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤⛄️

  3. Elyse

    Über Delicious!

    These were super yummy and a perfect addition to Christmas presents and stockings! The kiddos in our family loved the Snowmeeple design as well!